And you don’t have to work 24/7 or sell a piece-of-art cake for 20 dollars.

Listen up cake lover!

Let me ask you something.

When you first started your cake business, what were your dreams?

  • I’ll help bring people’s visions to life in form of a cake that fits the occasion and spreads joy… And I’ll make great money doing it!
  • I’ll finally get to do work that I love — every. single. day.
  • I’ll design my lifestyle the way I want, doing things I love

But once you took the leap, you realized that this whole running-a-cake-business thing was a lot harder than it looked.

The reality is much darker….


  • Where are my clients hiding?
  • Why do I always attract cheapskates?
  • How do I get the attention of “great” clients?
  • How do I charge my worth?
  • If I raise my price, no one will buy?
  • But how does that street corner bakery charges 3 times more for a cake that isn’t half as good as mine?
  • Why am I mot selling enough cakes?
  • Why don’t I have a waitlist?
  • I should be well on my way by now…
  • I HATE borrowing money from my spouse for cake supplies!!!??!


Your cake business is quickly becoming a buzz-kill…a liability…a money sink hole and you are second-guessing your decision to start in the first place.

Enter Cake School

So that you:

  • Make money doing what you love most
  • Don’t have to reduce your prices in order to sell “enough”
  • Don’t have to work yourself to the bone round the clock
  • Don’t have to start sweating at words like “SEO” and “BLOGGING”
  • Don’t have to chase your tail trying to learn the gazillion how-tos of cake business
  • Get this show on the road, make tons of money and show all the MOFOs and naysayers who told you it can’t be done!


Click the large yellow button below & get 50% off 1-year enrolment!

You are good at cake.  

You love cake and it loves you back.

Whether fondant (or buttercream), with hours lost on YouTube,  Pinning away or reading cooking books/blogs but love designing that ‘bucket list’ cake.

You love cake.  (It’s just the best fun, right?)

Chocolate BallsSure, there are things that you suck at.

  1. WTF is SEO? Is it a new fondant colour?
  2. Do you need branding? Where do you even begin to know about branding?
  3. How to I charge what I am worth?
  4. Where do I begin with bookkeeping & Excel spreadsheets
  5. How do I keep up with inquiries and emails and deadlines?
  6. How do I find time for blogging? Do I need it?

Cake Business School is the answer to your prayers.

Cake Business School works…yes, it does…I am a living proof of that!
rebekah-allan-cake-business-coachHello, I am Rebekah!

I started Angel Foods in 2010 to escape the idea of working for some idiot who didn’t appreciate my work.

I loved cake and had always dreamed of starting a cupcake business. So, I got registered and started selling at the markets. It got crazy busy, taking cake orders and selling wholesale to cafe’s & restaurants.

At 9 months we Franchised! Crazy, hey? Over the next 2 years, we sold 12 franchises nationally, trained them in cake decorating and set up their businesses.

While writing an eBook and selling online.

While also, shooting cake decorating videos for sale online and on YouTube.

Fast forward to now…

  1. I am a YouTube Sensation with 8000 Subscribers and 1 million views
  2. I get 10 000 visitors per month on my website
  3. I make sales regularly through my website and am also Cake Business Teacher.
  4. Get Google ranking #1 #2 #3 #4 for my keywords (this isn’t paid to rank – it’s organic. And that is in 8 months of consistent blogging, which is quick!)
  5. Written 8 books + 2 courses which are for sale (hello, passive income)
Cake Business is my jam and I am (freak-ish-ly) good at it.

And you can be too.

Click the large yellow button below & get 50% off 1-year enrolment!

Cake business school will finally and conclusively answers all the how to’s that have been haunting you ever since you started.

HOW to make CONSISTENT income, so you can live the LIFE YOU DESERVE

HOW to build that awesome website (you’re a cake artist, not a computer nerd!)

HOW to build that awesome website you have always drooled over and you do that ALL on your own in less than 2 days

HOW to OUTSELL & BEAT the COMPETITION with every man and his dog starting cake businesses

HOW to START, the nitty gritty, the legal, the HOW TO’s of cake biz

HOW to MARKET & SELL, without being a ‘cheesy salesman’

HOW to get that ridiculous WORK / LIFE Balance. (It must be a pipe dream, right?)

HOW to GROW that cake business into the RAVING freaking SUCCESS that you KNOW it should be!

HOW to be a BETTER Person / Caker / Mum / Partner without losing your shit


HOW to LOVE this Cake Business (again) as it’s been sucking you dry for too long!

HOW to START, the nitty gritty, the legal, the HOW TO’s of cake biz

Each one of these is idiot-proof, step-by-step training that leave no room for guesswork.



 This cake business is your dream.

How do I know?  Because I have the same dream.

Here’s what I discovered …

The secret of creating a BUSINESS YOU LOVE, and turning into a profit making machine is ALL about Cake + Business + School.

And I’m not talking about going to TAFE.  It is about KNOWING that you need to learn to grow.  It is smart business.

circle-360Here’s what cake business has given me….

I work around 10-20 hours per week on it.

I have every second weekend fully off (yes, 2 days in a row!)

And once a month I have a week off (and my business still makes money)! I have finally (finally) created that work/life balance that doesn’t require me caking through the night but instead sleeping 9 hours a night.

I exercise, I eat well, I love the shit out of business, my life and I am pretty damn happy.

The key to this success…

EVERYTHING I need to know, in one place.  Templates, guides, worksheets, video training and other like-minded people!

Now I am offering the same to you….

Because I love (and am good at) TEACHING + CAKE + BUSINESS.

Hold onto your piping bags! It’s here!

For the love of Cake + Business!

Get the right ingredients to start, grow and market your online business…

Click the large yellow button below & get 50% off 1-year enrolment!


If you haven’t yet started your DREAMY cake business.

If you are sick of working LONG hours

If you are ready to UPLEVEL in business, profits & life

If you are a CAKE SUPERSTAR & know you got SKILLS (just not marketing ones!)

Cake Business School will make you excited, pumped positively ecstatic about your cake business again.


It is a game changer….if you are READY to SHINE (hidden behind the cake, of course!)

It is a learning experience that will blow your mind on HOW to make more money while working less.

You get to hang out with like-minded people.  People who know what palette knives are or PicMonkey or WordPress or Trademarking or Blogging or Cake Lace or Opt-Ins are.

People who get WHATEVER is going around and around in your head & you don’t really have someone to talk to.

(…And if you do talk to someone, they politely nod, cause they don’t get it.  And then ask when you are getting a real job? …. Aarrrghhhh!)

Cake Business School  Is NOT just for Cake Decorators

It is for any food business at any stage.  Of course, this course covers selling cakes.  That’s a no-brainer. But it’s about so much more than that.

It’s about making money from your PASSION, whatever gets you fired up!

If you love decorating at home for friends OR can’t get a Food License from your (special) council, but still LOVE food & want to make a business out of it.

Think about food bloggers, sharing recipes with the hope of one day publishing a book, sharing tutorials and selling from your website, becoming a YouTube superstar, of getting more cake orders (of course), of specializing as wedding cake designer, becoming a cake teacher travelling the world teaching classes or getting your product on supermarket shelves.

If you think BIG & have a billion ideas with food + money…Cake Business School is for you!

Hobby Cake Makers, looking to START a cake business

Food Bloggers, wanting to start their website, but not sure how

Cake Decorators, that have been in business for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 years.

Cake Business School is for YOU ALL!


white-background-pink-shirt-yellow-cake-sm-300x2002xYou want it ALL! – money, consistent income, and work/life balance.

You want to STOP PLAYING SMALL time because you have the deepest DESIRE of living your WILDEST dreams!

You want to be able to AFFORD that house, holiday, let alone a TREAT for YOURSELF.

You want to STOP STRESSING about paying bills every week.You want to fall BACK IN LOVE with cake, because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

You want to be a cake SUPERSTAR (and still be able to hide behind cakes…), being in the SPOTLIGHT, as the LEADER in your niche & what you are freaking awesome at.

You want to be shown EXACTLY what you NEED TO KNOW, right now. And be able to go out & do it straight away!

You want EXAMPLES! You want numbers, figures, guides and EXACT statistics.  Cause that helps so much more.

I got your back, Jack.  THIS is what Cake Business School was born to do!

Click the large yellow button below & get 50% off 1-year enrolment!

Hey Rebekah, why you and not that sweet lady on YouTube who gives free lessons?

about-1Here’s a handful of reasons:

  • Through personally having a Cake Business for 5 years now
  • Working in a Bakery for 10 years
  • Being a qualified baker + pastry cook
  • Franchising my cake business nationally
  • Studying Cert 3 in Business Management
  • Writing & selling (many) eBooks
  • Training hundreds of people in cake decorating + business
  • Building a YouTube channel with 8000 subscribers and 1 million views
  • Smashing social media industry standards
  • Successfully selling 5 rounds of Cake Business eCourses
  • …and hell, winning awards for cakes!

People reach out to me for help on the cake, business, and life.  I LOVE helping.  It was what I was born to do.

And they walk away feeling more confident and KNOW I am always there to help more.  That is my intention and that is NEVER going to change.

LEARNING in a smarter way, from someone who has been there before & knows what she is talking about has been my game changer.  From this professionally branded website, blogging, videos, courses, HOW TO do everything I need to do. One step at a time.

The only cake business that sweet lady on YouTube probably ever ran was selling in her grandson’s bake sale!


Module 1

module-1-cake-business-school-300x170This is the basic building block (and MOST important thing to learn in business.)Who are you selling to & why?

  • Who is your Target Market (who are you wanting to hand over the moolah?)
  • Marketing & Advertising (& don’t worry, we talk about doing this on a budget!)
  • Getting cake orders in CONSISTENTLY, every single week!


module-2-pricing-guide-capture-border-211x300From charging for profit (including pricing guides, cause you guys love them!) to looking at the future goals of your business.  If you want to save for a house, we are going to make that shit happen.

  • HOW to MAKE MONEY for your future big dreams.
  • What courses, products or CAKE-Y stuff you can SELL, to bring in more money
  • Includes Pricing Guides

Module 3

module-3-cake-superstar-capture-border-211x300How to cement yourself in your Niche as the ‘go to’ person.  From the 3D artist, cake teachers, gluten free, youtube, recipe’s, or WHATEVER direction you are want to take

  • Find out WHAT will sell, and yes, you will have money in the bank
  • HOW to start, what to write (or video) about that people will LOVE
  • Have people throw money at you, LITERALLY. (okay, not literally.  But you will make money, guaranteed

Module 4

module-4-cake-business-school1-300x1712xFrom websites, platforms, plug-ins, themes, opt-ins.  Whether you are starting out, already have a website and looking at updating.  And this is people WHO are NOT TECHY.  Cause I’m not either!

  • Where to start on WEBSITES
  • How to SELL from your website, while you are sleeping!
  • Setting up emails that connect with your website (& your customers!) with How To Guides, ’cause that’s how I roll

Module 5

capture-border-212x300The money is in the list… the email list that is.

And peeps going to your website are looking for a solution to their problem (ordering cake, for example?) and you don’t want to lose that potential customer when they leave your website.

Automated emails and follow up are made easy with a video tutorial from a MailChimp expert. All done in under 17 minutes!

  • How to set up MailChimp account & create an Opt-in form
  • Putting Opt-in form on your website … & connecting all the dots

Module 6

module-youtube-superstarBeing on as many social media platforms is essential in any business. It means more people can find you. The kicker is you can share what you sell and people get to ‘know’ you. This creates more sales. Pretty cool, hey?

Learn how to:

  • Set up your own YouTube Channel
  • How to record your first video (& no fancy equipment) – spend $0 on equipment and editing tools!
  • Behind the scenes on how Angel Foods TV has 7 800 subscribers and nearly 1 million views in 3 years!

Module 7

module-blogging-300x171Not blogging was my #1 BIGGEST mistake I made, in the beginning of my business and I don’t want you to make the same mistake! Blogging is the reason I have sold $thousands of dollars of products and how I got to Google ranking #1 in 8 months.

  • What to Blog About?
  • Your very 1st blog & how often to blog
  • How to make money from blogging (my secrets shared!)


trademarking-pdf-border-212x300Most people think registering a business name gives you legal rights to a business name and/or logo.

It doesn’t. Trademarking your business is the only way you can have legal ownership.

  • What is registering a business name?
  • What is trademarking?
  • How much does trademarking cost?

Module 9

module-facebook-ad-training-300x1812xThere is a very smart way of advertising (that equals sales) vs. wasting your money.

This module Guest Expert takes through step-by-step video training on a smart Facebook advertising campaign and yep, ca-ching it means sales!

  • What is Facebook advertising?
  • When do you need to advertise?
  • How to set up a Facebook ad with step-by-step video tutorials


secret-to-fully-booked-outMy *secret* of how I built my business incredibly fast) and had so many (too many!) customers, and that I was able to franchise the home cake business model at 9 months into business.

But, my secret? How did I get so busy so quickly? Orders out the wazoo? Fully booked out AND making good money.

  • I call these the Rainbow Layer Money Makers and is exactly what I taught Franchisees on growing their business
  • By having a combination of 3 income streams you earn more money, build a larger customer base and get fully booked out
  • Behind the scenes of what these 3 income streams are and how to incorporate into your biz!

Module 11

3-ways-to-stop-beating-yourself-up-and-start-believing-in-yourself-300x1692xYou know the feeling of wanting to run before you can walk (and tripping over your own toes & becoming stressed by it all)…

When you look at others and they seem like they: are so much more talented, have so much more time and have great hair!

  • I call this Comparison-itis and it’s like a disease.
  • 3 red hot ways to (Ninja-Kick) & Beat Comparison-itis
  • Sharing my personal recipes for success

Module 12

module-work-life-balance-border-212x300Today I bust the myth of work-life balance and how to really have it all.

One of the most common questions and concerns is how to grow a cake business around kids, family, work, job, study, health and whether it is really possible?

  • I’m here to tell you it is possible (I’m proof), let alone the other entrepreneurs and business owners out there
  • 4 steps to the ever elusive balance!
  • How to make “Moonlighting” work around your sweet biz

Module 13

adding-google-analytics-to-your-cake-website-300x174Part of being in business is tracking your stats (statistics) or knowing your numbers.One of my biggest mistakes I made was not regularly checking or knowing my business numbers.

Google Analytics is a free tools that measures traffic to website. How many visitors, how many pages (and what pages) viewed, including what google ranking you are.

  •  What isn’t measured, can’t be improved!
  • How to Set Up a Google Analytics account in 5 minutes
  • I show you how to read your Google Analytics dashboard

Module 14

For those considering selling your good(ies) whether cookies, jars, edible toppers, flowers or sugar craft online, having an Etsy shop is a great option!

Etsy is a handmade marketplace and for sugar craft such as edible toppers, it is a brilliant additional income stream.

  • Beginners Guide to setting up an Etsy shop
  • How much does it cost to set up & sell from Etsy store?
  • 10 Steps to Creating an Etsy listing

And that’s not all…you also get:

Monthly Training Modules

Every month, new training will be added for you on how to GROW your dream cake business, growing your confidence + bank balance every step of the way.


So, Cake Business School includes templates & guides& worksheet and ALL of my eBooks and eCourses.

miniebooks-300x139Cake Bakers Money Makers

Including ‘Nitty Gritty Biz Documents Done For You’ with Templates, Guides, Order Forms, and Cake Serving Guides. ALSO, ‘5 Hot Tips on How to Blog & Get Google Ranking’ and ‘How to Make Extra $100 From Facebook Advertising in 1 Day’.

webinar-free-live-video-training-150x150Free Monthly Live Webinars

More than a workshop, inside this FUN; a FREE event I’ll give you everything you need to creating (read: growing) your cake business dreams!

100% guarantee of no sleazy sales tactics, live and interactive training, Q&A, community, free bonuses and more.

video-library-300x230Video Tutorial Library

Access the full library, which has 25 videos on cake decorating, from butter cream, piping, palate knifing, ganache, covering a cake in fondant, cake pops, topsy turvy, stacking, layering & recipes.

Cake Business Mastermind Forum

red-phoneSurrounded by a group of Caking & Foodie lovers of life + business.  Masterminding is the bees-knees of having an amazing business.  It is the difference between surviving or thriving.

how-tosHow To Video Training

Step-by-step video training from editing photos, setting up YouTube video,  getting cake orders, setting up market stall, tax, uplevelling your biz, how to make money, marketing, advertising and editing videos.

Member Shares

members-sharesGet your business shared on social media with member shares! Get the buzz of excitement when your latest & greatest is shared to thousands of peeps.

The membership fee is worth the value of these free bonuses, alone!  I have jam packed absolutely everything I can for FREE in Cake Business School!

PLUS, also get…



Click the large yellow button below & get 50% off 1-year enrolment!




Nicole Testimony

Julie Testimony

Krystle Testimony

And Facebook never lies:


And YouTube lovers (Note – I was called the Baking Guru! Their words…)


Annnddd I couldn’t fit all the nice words onto one collage…



Enrolment in Cake Business School is $1 for the first month, then $9 per month, cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Cake Business School start and how will it work?

Modules 1 is available straight away. The membership username and password will be emailed straight to you to log in and start.

Each month you’ll receive an email with the new training module content.

Cake Business School sounds perfect for me, but I’m worried about falling behind. How long will I have access to the course?

No worries, I’ve got you covered! You get access to the School, all year long.

Whether you are getting married, got holidays planned, a big work project, other commitments, lots of cake orders, work is nuts, you will have lifetime access to the course.

Soooo, you’ll be able to work through everything in your own time AND follow my step-by-step formula for as long as you are enrolled.

You will never be ‘behind’. The course will reach your inbox every month & you will learn and digest the info when you are meant to!

How much time will it take me to complete the course content each month?

Watching the video and completing the activities each week will take, on average, about 60 min.

I want to start a Cake Business, but I don’t actually have a business yet. Will the course still be useful to me?

Absolutely! Whether you’re in the planning stages, just starting out, or you’ve been in business a while, if you want to learn how to start a cake business, we got your back, Jack.

What if I discover the course isn’t right for me? Do you offer refunds?

Yep, yep. I know this course is worth 10X what I am charging and has MASSIVE VALUE. But if for some reason you’re not happy, I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

All you’ve gotta do is email my team letting them know you’re not satisfied and submit all your completed worksheets and homework before day 14 since purchase, and I’ll refund you 100% of your investment out of my own pocket.

And of course, you can cancel your monthly membership fee anytime.

How is Cake Business School different from other courses?

Cake Business School is the only course I know of that actually gets INTO practical how-to information to help you market, sell and create a PROFITABLE cake business.

In it I share training you won’t get anywhere else including lots of my hard-won wisdom on this topic and exactly how, step by step, to showcase your unique skills and services in a way that your ideal clients will love whether you’re growing your business off – or online.

Hey, seeing as you include the ecourse/book/thing I have purchased off you before, can I get a refund or discount?

Nope. This course is ridiculously affordable. It is worth 10X times the price, and the training modules are worth the enrolment fee alone.

When & how do I receive the app?

Everyone who enrols in CBS for 1 year, before the 31 March 2017 will receive an email from me on the 15 April, after the 14 day refund period. I will double check the best email address to send a ‘gift’ of the CakeUlator app via the iTunes store, which you will be able to click the link and download onto your smartphone.


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